Divorce Lawyer in Stamford, CT

Divorce Lawyer in Stamford, CT

Serving Greenwich, CT residents

In Stamford, CT, there are many divorce attorneys to choose from, but few of them find a way to combine a deep knowledge of the law with a compassionate approach toward their clients. And even fewer are women's law firms with a focus on serving female clientele. That's something that sets me apart from others, which is worth considering when choosing a lawyer in these circumstances.

Bringing a clear understanding of marriage law to the table for all my Stamford, CT clients, I can also help determine what you're entitled to in the division of assets. Making sure that a prenuptial agreement is valid and knowing what is considered community property are just two examples of this concern.

I can also offer clear and cogent advice and support during family law conflicts that often develop in these cases. Fighting over alimony can devolve into heated debate as to how much financial support is required. In Stamford, CT, an accustomed style of living that's negatively changed by a divorce requires a passionate advocate on your behalf in order to maintain it.

Unsurprisingly, the most contentious aspect of any Stamford, CT, divorce can be a fight over child support or child custody. My goal is to make sure that my clients receive enough monthly financial support from their ex-spouse to properly take care of their children, and to establish satisfactory custody arrangements so the best interests of the children are served.