Family Law Lawyer in Stamford, CT

Family Law Lawyer in Stamford, CT

Serving Greenwich, CT residents

Is your marriage not working out? What will happen to your children if you divorce? How will assets and property be divided?

The answers to these questions may affect you and your family for years to come. Get help and legal advice from a family law attorney with significant experience with these important family law issues.

Helen Bruno will answer questions and advise you on child custody matters, as well. She can help you divide property, debt and retirement assets. If there is no agreement, her years of experience will help you get what you've earned.

Attorney Helen Bruno offers personalized advice on all family and divorce matters. These include:
- How to divide property
- How to divide retirement assets
- Who gets the marital property
- Custody and visitation.

Please be aware that the results of your divorce will affect your future and your children's' future. Trust Attorney Helen C. Bruno with your family legal needs and have peace of mind while she fights for you and your family.