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"Magnificent Family Lawyer"

"I worked with Helen on a matrimonial case in Stamford, CT and she is a magnificent family lawyer. She is a patient, smart, and wise litigator and I have no doubt that she provides excellent service to her clients. She really cares about people, especially in these types of emotional matrimonial cases. Helen was a pleasure to work with and I recommend her without hesitation."

Cari R.

"Provided Constant Support"

"Attorney Helen Bruno always took the time to clearly answer all of my questions. She provided constant support and reassurance at the time of my divorce. She answered all of my questions completely and took time to respond clearly to all my issues..."

Mrs. A. V

"Heartily Recommend"

"Helen is so kind and very easy to talk to even with difficult, embarrassing personal problems. I would heartily recommend her to anyone going through a divorce."

Roberta B.

"Warm and Considerate"

"Helen is warm and considerate. I have never needed an attorney before this and Helen helped me through the awful process of divorcing. She provided an excellent knowledge of the law and enormous support for me, which enabled me to pass through this stressful time."

Maureen S.